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                                                                  AS9100D PO Quality Clauses

  1. Personnel Qualifications – The supplier’s Quality System shall assure all relevant Purchase Order requirements are met and all applicable processes affecting the final quality of the product in the Purchase Order were rendered by qualified personnel.NDT personnel shall be certified IAW NAS410

  2. Quality System – Vendor shall maintain a quality and inspection system which is compliant with the requirements of ISO9001/AS9100and all other terms of this Purchase Order in the manufacture and / or delivery of the materials or services stated within this order.

  3. Calibration system compliance to ISO/IEC 17025, ISO10012-1, AS9100, ANZI Z540.1/.3 (MIL-STD-45662) or equivalent is required. 

  4. Non-Conforming Processes, Products or Services – Supplier shall notify the organization immediately upon discovery of any non-conformances that are identified against this order for appropriate disposition.

  5. Record Retention – As a minimum, all Quality Records(Training, C of C’s, Calibration, FAI’s, Machine Maintenance, etc.) shall be maintained for a period of 10 years and available for review upon request.  At the end of this 10-year period, the supplier shall contact the organization for disposition of all records.

  6. Right of Entry – Acceptance of this purchase order authorizes the Right of Entry by the organization, its customers and regulatory agencies to verify the quality of contracted work.

  7. Raw Materials – Shall be domestic or DFARS 252.225-7014 compliant.

  8. Supplier Performance – It is the expectation of this organization that the performance of our suppliers maintains (at a minimum) On-Time Delivery >95% and Product Quality >95%.  Failure to meet these requirements will result in corrective action and/or disqualification from future orders.

  9. Contribution Awareness – Suppliers provided products and services are expected to conform to the requirements explained in each purchase order description and these Quality Clauses, handling of components shall ensure that product safety is a top priority to prevent damage to parts and ethical behavior shall include (but not limited to) no favoritism, no gifts in exchange for work, no inappropriate exchange of information and the immediate notification when unethical behavior occurs. 

  10. Counterfeit Part Prevention - Supplier shall not furnish to this organization any Goods under this Contract that are “Counterfeit Goods,” defined as Goods or separately-identifiable items or components of Goods that: (a) are an unauthorized copy or substitute of an Original Equipment Manufacturer or Original Component Manufacturer (collectively, “OEM”) (b) have been re-worked, re-marked, re-labeled, repaired, refurbished, or otherwise modified from OEM design but not disclosed as such or are represented as OEM authentic or new.

  11. Requirements for the supplier to comply with executive order E13224. Supplier shall not engage in any transaction of any type with persons or businesses or organizations who commit, threaten to commit or support terrorism.

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